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Isn’t this just the greatest picture ever?


It’s astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson looking out the window of the International Space Station. Click for a larger image, especially if you ever had a dream of going into space, and looking back at our home.

The Daily Mail has more images.

One of the attached comments is equally thought-provoking:

Why can’t people just stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and just look at the beauty of our planet just for a few minutes; to see it in all it’s wonder.

But so is another:

Very beautiful who would have thought it was full of crazies.

  • As I said in a tweet to you earlier this morning–it IS awesome.

    The dream of space, photographed.

    Thanks for sharing, Bob.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Bob – Lots of thought provoking stuff today. Regarding “The overuse of the allegation of being a “Nazi” in recent years has taken most of the sting out of what it means to actually be a Nazi.” Kinda like the use of the term “hero” for anybody with the capacity to sign their name on the line and put on a uniform? Or “civilian contractors” instead of mercenaries? Orwell must be proud.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Sorry Bob. The photo is nothing but awesome. Perhaps some day we’ll send more poets to space and fewer fighter pilots. Feel few to delete my misplaced comment on Nazis and Orwell or move it to “5by Eight” where it belongs and might catalyze some conversation.