Show us your tax bill

This is the time of the year when the proposed property tax bill statements are arriving in area households and early signs are there’s a wide disparity in these bills.

The market value of homes is dropping universally, but some tax bills are going up, some are going down. What’s your situation?

Last night, homeowners in Minneapolis flooded a hearing to protest the huge jump in their property tax bills.

Some said their total property tax bill is going up 18 percent.

By contrast, I opened my statement with some trepidation last evening, only to find out that my total tax bill is going down 3.8 percent. The taxable market value of my home has dropped about 12 percent.

I want to create a map showing the varying degrees of property tax bills. So please comment below and pass along your data. you don’t have to reveal personal data such as market value. Just indicate the percent change of your total property tax bill and what city (and neighborhood, if applicable) you’re in.

Update 11:59 a.m. – Ed Kohler at The Deets has an interesting look at Minneapolis property taxes.