Show us your tax bill

This is the time of the year when the proposed property tax bill statements are arriving in area households and early signs are there’s a wide disparity in these bills.

The market value of homes is dropping universally, but some tax bills are going up, some are going down. What’s your situation?

Last night, homeowners in Minneapolis flooded a hearing to protest the huge jump in their property tax bills.

Some said their total property tax bill is going up 18 percent.

By contrast, I opened my statement with some trepidation last evening, only to find out that my total tax bill is going down 3.8 percent. The taxable market value of my home has dropped about 12 percent.

I want to create a map showing the varying degrees of property tax bills. So please comment below and pass along your data. you don’t have to reveal personal data such as market value. Just indicate the percent change of your total property tax bill and what city (and neighborhood, if applicable) you’re in.

Update 11:59 a.m. – Ed Kohler at The Deets has an interesting look at Minneapolis property taxes.

  • phil

    Howe Neighborhood in Minneapolis:

    Home value: 0% change

    Property tax: up 18.3%

  • bsimon

    East Nokomis, Minneapolis

    Home Value: +0.25%

    prop taxes: + 16.3%

  • Julia

    Longfellow neighborhood in Longfellow community

    Home value: -5%

    Property tax: +11.3%

  • Justin H

    Longfellow Minneapolis. Just bought the house.

    Home value: -4.5%

    Property tax: +12.9%

  • bob

    -2% PV, +14% PT

  • Aaron

    Thompson Grove Estates, Cottage Grove

    Home value: -0.9%

    Property tax: -3.3%

  • Seward, Minneapolis

    Home Value: -8.5%

    Property Tax: +6.2%

  • Josh

    Minneapolis, Standish area

    Home Value: 0% change

    Property tax: +18%

  • Kipper

    Kenny, Minneapolis

    Home Value: 0% change

    Property tax: +16.6% (ouch!)

  • Corrie

    Ventura Village neighborhood in Phillips

    Home value: 0% change

    Property tax: +12%

  • Powderhorn Park neighborhood, South Minneapolis

    Home Value: 0% change

    Property Tax: +17%

  • tim

    Linden Hills

    Home Value: 0% change

    Property Tax: +16.8%

  • mindtron

    Audobon Park, MPLS

    Home Value: 0% change

    Property Tax: +18%

  • Curt


    Home Value: +4.2%

    Property Tax: +14.3%

  • Renae

    Armatage, Minneapolis

    Home Value: 0%

    Property Tax: +18%

  • Joe

    MSP-Hale (55417)

    Home Value: -9.75%

    Property Tax: +13.6%

  • Farmington, MN

    Home Value: -10.33%

    Property Tax: -.09%

  • Tom Goodwin

    Home value: -7.7%

    Property Tax: -5%

    Lakeville, MN

  • Mat

    Willard-Hay, North Mpls

    Assessed home value: -10.5%

    Property tax: +4.2%

  • KG

    Home in King Field neighborhood south of 38th, just east of Lyndale):

    •Home value flat

    •Property tax bill up a startling 16.9%

    …translates to annual increase of roughly $650

    …increases each monthly payment by $54

    We are long-time Minneapolis residents and passionate city person … this sort of increase is not sustainable for us and we suspect it is only a hint of things to come … for the first time we are thinking about leaving the city

  • Neanumper

    Longfellow Neighborhood

    -Home Value 0%

    -Property Tax +17.8%

  • Chris Heagle

    Nokomis East

    No change in home value.

    Taxes up 16.3%

  • Dan

    St. Anthony East, NE Mpls

    Assessed home value: -10.3%

    Property tax: +12.6%

  • MNReader

    SE Minnetonka:

    assessed home value -5%

    property tax +2.5%

  • Jeff Pazahanick


    Assessed home value = -4.6%

    Property tax = +2.8%

  • Jeff Pazahanick

    And our cabin, if any interest:

    Meeker County (Dassel area)

    Assessed home value = -3.0%

    Property tax = -6.5%

  • EP Golden Valley

    Golden Valley – Hopkins School Distict

    Taxable Value -6%

    Property Tax +1%

  • Kathryn McFadden

    Minneapolis, Northrup neighborhood

    Taxable value: -5%

    Property Tax: +10.5%

  • Jim


    Taxable Value: -7.4%

    Property Tax: -4.6%

  • Bonnie

    are you looking at the change in amounts payable in 2011 over 2010? Those bills came out last March? Or are you looking at what will be payable in 2012?

  • jsk

    St. Louis Park:

    Taxable value: -7.4%

    Property tax: +1.2%

  • Dittrich

    Saint Paul (Mac-Groveland)

    Home value: -4.5%

    property taxes: +5.5%

  • Katie

    Cavanaugh Oaks neighborhood, Crystal

    Taxable Market Value: -15%

    Property Tax: -5.7%

  • vjacobsen

    Richfield (East)

    Value of home down 5.3%

    Taxes up 6.2%

  • Bill

    Bemidji, MN – Northern Township

    Property taxable market value – down 2.6% 2010 to 2011

    Percent property tax change – down 2.7% 2010 to 2011

  • Mat

    Longfellow, Minneapolis

    Home Value:+5.75%

    Property taxes: +25.5%!!

  • mark

    East Harriet

    Home Value: +5%

    Property Taxes: 18%

  • Don

    Brooklyn Center – Robbinsdale School District

    Home Value: -15.2%

    Taxes: -3.8%

  • Kevin M

    North Mpls (near Penn & Lowry Aves):

    Taxable Market Value -8.7%

    Proposed Property Taxes +7.7%

  • Kevin T

    Lynnhurst neighborhood of Minneapolis

    Value -5.0%

    Taxes +9.5%

    To echo a previous post, this is the sort of thing that causes me to seriously consider moving out of the city. Absurd increase

  • Mary

    Nokomis area, Minneapolis

    Value: 0%

    Taxes: +17.6%

    This is an outrageous slap from the city. Isn’t it time to say “STOP IT!”

  • michael pence

    Prospect Park

    Home Value: – 2%

    Taxes: +13.1 %

    Taxes have increased almost 300% since 2002. I now realize that it really IS a dream to own a home and hope to raise a family and retire in it in Minneapolis. I love Minneapolis and have lived here over 30 years but for the first time in my life I am starting to consider where I would want to live outside of the city. It is just not affordable anymore. What will taxes be in 10 years?!

  • Bob Horvat

    Fulton neighborhood, Minneapolis

    Value= no change


    In the past 6 years my taxes have increased an average of +10% annually. Enough already!!

  • Mark

    Brooklyn Park, West District

    Value: -21.72%

    Taxes: -15.3%

  • Ken

    Eden Prairie

    Taxable market value: down 6.26%

    Property taxes: up 1.67%

    The proposed property tax statement does not show the percent each listed entity is of the taxable market value, so I figured it all out myself. The Hennepin County tax, for example, is 0.457% of the 2011 taxable market value, an increase from 0.421% in 2010. The tax for Eden Prairie is 0.323% of the 2011 taxable market value, an increase from 0.293%.

    So, while the taxable market values decline, the rates just keep going up. That increase in the percentage rate of taxable market value for Eden Prairie alone was 10.4%.

    Would be nice is they would publish the percentage rates on the statements so everyone can see for themselves what is going on.

  • davidz

    Payne/Phalen in Saint Paul

    Value: -23%

    Taxes: -19%

  • KathyD

    Vadnais Heights

    Home value: no change

    Taxes: +6.7%

  • David G

    Saint Anthony Village

    Value: no change

    taxes: +10.4%

    I’m in the Ramsey Co. portion of SAV. County taxes were ~ a quarter of that increase, SAV taxes another quarter, and the school taxes were about half of the total increase.

    Also, I had a large drop in value last year that resulted in a large decrease in my property taxes for this current year, so I’m will be just below what my taxes were for 2009.

  • Anne H

    St Louis Park

    Assessment value down $7k

    Property tax up 7%

  • Greg

    Value: no change

    taxes: +17.4%

    Dollar Amount for the year: $448.00 (UNREAL)

    I researched everyone on my block. Everyone’s value went down and only two others had +17% increases. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of these increases. In fact one person had a .4% increase which amounted to a $7.00 increase for the year. Something is seriously wrong here and something needs to be done. I don’t think any of these increases were done in a fair and consistent manner. I heard they use a software program to determine the values. Fox 9 said we are paying for the Mpls. Police pensions, as well as Target Field. Anyway you look at it, the poor were taxed more, and the richer homes had decreases. Fox 9 also said Mpls was hit with a 10% to 20% increase. If anyone has any ideas, us who were hit hard should band together and try to get something done. Please feel free to e-mail at

  • Greg

    I forgot to mention I am in the Nokomis neighborhood.

  • Mitch

    Minneapolis, Northrup Neighborhood

    Property value: 3.7%

    Taxes: 21%

    Increased cost: $978.67

  • Al

    New Brighton

    Home value: -0.4%

    Tax Rate: +6.0%

    Highlight of biggest actual $ increases

    Ramsey Cty: +9.0%

    City of NB: +5.9%

    ISD #621 (School levies): +3.1%

    Of course the total increase is under $15/month, or less than 1% of our mortgage payment. With electronic auto-payment will I even notice it? Nope.

  • Al

    One other note, considering the value of our house a few years ago, we are paying about what we were when we bought the house.

  • Shannon R.

    Chisholm, MN-St. Louis County

    Tax Value +5.5%

    Tax rate +163.3% (yeah WTF?!)

  • +17.6% tax 0% prop value

    The tax notice came just 1 day before the Nov 30th budget meeting. An accident? yeah, right.

    Dec 13th is the city hall meeting. I’ll just carry a scrubby piece of cardboard that says “+17%” and put out a tin cup for donations to help pay my tax increase.

    If we PROTEST on 12/13, it can’t change the pension problem that is at hand, but can we influence how they make future pension obligations? There were some poor choices about pensions made in the past.

    The levy comparison shows 48.4% change is for Pensions.

  • Ryan

    Como neighborhood – St. Paul

    Home value: flat

    Tax rate: +11%

  • David F

    Home value: 0.0%

    Property tax: +16.3%

    Neighborhood: Nokomis (Mpls)

    Home Value Last 10 Years: +147%

    Property Tax Last 10 Years: +219%

  • S2R

    Tangletown neighborhood, Minneapolis

    Home value: flat

    Tax rate +16.5%

    Gee, do you think this has anything to do with our “no new taxes” state regime? Could there be some relationship?

  • Tom FJ

    Property value increase: 0%

    Property tax increase: + 17%

    Lyndale neighborhood, Minneapolis

  • Lisa

    Bancroft neighborhood – South Minneapolis

    Property value increase = 0%

    Property tax increase = 17.7%


  • value: +32%

    tax increase: +61%


  • Greg Nurnberger

    Holland neighborhood, Minneapolis

    Assessed Value: -5.4%

    Tax rate +11%

  • Lisa

    Property value increase: 0%

    Property tax increase: 17.7%

  • Lisa

    Corcoran neighborhood, Minneapolis

    Property value increase: 0%

    Property tax increase: 17.7%

  • Carol Becker

    Carol Becker –

    17.5%, property tax increase

    flat valuation the last three years

  • kate

    Fulton- SW Mpls

    Property Value Change: -5%

    Property Tax Change: +10.4%

  • gdaigle

    East Nokomis

    Property Value: 0%

    Property Tax: +17.5%

  • Chad


    Property Value : -3.65%

    Property Tax: +12.7%

  • Kelly

    Nokomis Neighborhood

    Property Value increase: 0%

    Property Tax Change: 17%

  • brad

    Loring Park Neighborhood

    26% property tax increase!

  • JT

    Longfellow Neighborhood

    Property Value Increase: 0%

    Property Tax Change: 17.9%

  • KQ


    House Value: 0% increase

    Prop Taxes: 16.5% increase

    Have lived in house less than 6 months; just retired & downsized; didn’t budget for this – ouch!

  • Gina Line


    House value: 1% increase

    Prop Taxes: 25.8% increase

    This is unreal

  • Diana Schleisman


    Value -6.96%

    Taxes +9.1%

  • JK

    Minneapolis – Kingfield Neighborhood

    Property Value: +0.34%

    Property Taxes: +19.65%