Open thread: The Vikings’ future

The Vikings have fired Brad Childress, who apparently had nothing to do with last year’s one-play-away-from-the-Super-Bowl and everything to do with this year’s 3-and-7 record, judging by the sports talk shows.

What now? Leslie Frazier and owner Zygi Wilf will meet the media at 3 p.m., so presumably Frazier will take over as coach. But will it be coach or interim coach?

Frazier has his own drama going on. He’s African American and the NFL has a rule that requires teams to interview African Americans whenever there’s a coaching vacancy. So, with few exceptions, Frazier has gotten several interviews, shortly before NFL teams have hired a white head coach. Should this be his big chance or do you want someone with a bigger name?

And what about Mr. Favre? Do you let him start any more games, or suggest Mississippi is a nice place to spend December?

Should yesterday’s game be the last one Brett Favre plays in a Vikings uniform?Market Research

The comments section is open for your review.

Meanwhile, I’m choosing to remember the good times.

  • Let him finish the season, if Favre really wants to.

  • BJ

    Never liked Brad Childress’s coaching style. The only thing I ever thought he did right was get Favre.

    Surprised that Zygi Wilf didn’t let him go 5 minutes after the release of Moss.

  • John O.

    I feel for Leslie Frazier right now. He is inheriting a mess and the possibility of a new stadium with any level of public financing may very well be determined by what this team does over the next few weeks.

    Red McCombs is laughing somewhere right now.

  • Ben Chorn

    So glad that my top 3 Vikings who need to be let go is actually starting to be fulfilled…

    1. Childress

    2. Favre

    3. Asher Allen/Chris Cook

  • pap

    Brad Childress has one major deficiency, his “media personality”.

    Your statement says it all: “The Vikings have fired Brad Childress, who apparently had nothing to do with last year’s one-play-away-from-the-Super-Bowl [season] …”

  • Fellow Vikings Sufferer

    I think Childress is a victim of sky-high expectations and players who didn’t perform anywhere nearly as well as last year. With no pass rush, the much-injured secondary has been exposed as mediocre, Favre may or may not have arm problems and is not making plays, the offensive line has lacked cohesion, the receivers (excepting Harvin) have also been mediocre in Rice’s absence. I don’t think Childress is responsible for any of these problems, though a different coach may have found some way to overcome some of these problems.

    Childress may just have been the victim of the Vikings Curse. Perhaps when the Los Angeles Vikings win the 2016 Super Bowl (just after the new Minnesota Oles finish their 0-16 first season), history will have taken a more balanced view of Childress’ tenure here.

  • Bismuth

    While I’d like the Vikings to be looking forward to next season by giving Jackson and Webb significant playing time, I think it would be unfair to deny Favre the chance to play now that offensive game plan has been freed from the shackles of Childress. Maybe the offense will suck just as much as before, but I can’t see that it could get any worse.

    If I were Frazier or Wilf, or whoever is making personnel decisions these days, I would tell Favre that if he doesn’t want to stick around for the rest of the season, that’s fine. No hard feelings.

    Of course, it should be pretty clear by the above that I’d never cut it as NFL brass.

  • Mike Kmiecik

    My dad hasn’t missed a minute of a Vikings game since I don’t know when. I, however, stopped watching years ago. I did catch a game last year and half a game this year with my dad. From what I saw Childress has not changed much (not necessarily good) and it’s the players who have changed and who should be digging deep into the money driven souls to figure out what they can do to recover some dignity. If my boss got fired because I was a slacker I’d be embarrassed. Farve should be right on Childress’s heals. Wilf wanted Farve, a Super Bowl, and then a new stadium and he should clean up his own mess.

  • JackU

    …who apparently had nothing to do with last year’s one-play-away-from-the-Super-Bowl and everything to do with this year’s 3-and-7 record…

    A coach doesn’t earn his money when his players have a good year. He shows his worth when his team is struggling and he helps them succeed in spite of it. Making the right moves at the right time. Figuring out who has the hot hand and letting them play. It looks like Childress couldn’t do that. Maybe Fraizer can.

    With respect to Favre I predict that they will make the decision, and not announce it right away, that he will continue to play with the Vikings through the final home game. It is a Monday night game against the Bears and if Wikipedia is correct it would be his 300 consecutive regular season start. A nice round number to end on. Then he satisfies some of the critics in the local media by “being there” for the home fans. He also gets to have Christmas with his family and miss a probable shellacking by Philadelphia and the possibility of a battle for last place with the Lions in the last week. .

  • bsimon

    I don’t understand what Childress’s plan for the season was before they dragged Favre back up from Mississippi. Isn’t quarterback a position that you need to have filled a little bit earlier in order to develop plays?

  • Lee

    the biggest job a head coach has is to manage the personel and personalities on his team. If players aren’t performing then it’s the coach’s job to motivate them to play to his standards.

    Childress lost my support when he sent players down to beg Favre to return for another season. And he should have lost his job as soon as he let Moss go.

  • Bismuth

    […who apparently had nothing to do with last year’s one-play-away-from-the-Super-Bowl and everything to do with this year’s 3-and-7 record…]

    Frankly, yes.

    It’s become pretty clear to me that it was Favre’s play, not Childress’s coaching that led to success last year. Now that Favre’s magic has worn off, Childress was unable to maintain that success, and the team is now performing worse than even Childress’s first year, despite having virtually the same players as last year.

  • Ted2you

    It is time to make a run at a top coach. Cowiher should be available. I long for the day that we had a coach who understood how to run a 2-minute offense or could grasp basic football strategy. Bottom line was the team quit on their coach. It will take a strong coach to get them back with some very difficult player personnel decisions to make.

  • Minnwhaler

    Just a tangent here: I am a social worker. I work with a team of 11 regular time, and about 7 on-call staff. Right now we have one man on our “regular” (defined as M-F, 9-5 staff). He is out numbered in many ways, married, has a daughter, his pets are usually female. Today all the women were incredibly opinionated and chatting up the game, etc., and he came in and asked “Are you talking about football? What happened?” Guess you had to be there, but how many of you have a stereo-typical gender job and end up with stereo-typical sports talk with the women?

    As for the coach only being responsible for loss and not the near Superbowl title, with you 100%. Stop the hating and be real fans.