Moss’ quick exit


Funny how things work out sometimes.

The Vikings waived Randy Moss today, according to the NFL Network. Maybe it’s an admission that the season is over, maybe it’s because he gave up on a play yesterday that would’ve been a touchdown, maybe because he whined about his team after yesterday’s game, and delivered a pitch-perfect passive aggressive assessment of the team.

Who saw this coming? The Patriots, who cut ties with Moss and picked up the Vikings’ third round draft choice.

Brad Childress, the Vikings coach, gave no indication of Moss’ short tenure during his news conference with the media at Winter Park today.

“I didn’t see the video,” Childress said. “I think we did a pretty good job of heeding it,” he said in response to Moss’ complaints that the Vikings didn’t listen to his advice about the Patriots’ secrets.

“Do you think he’s the type of player you can keep happy?” Star Tribune writer Judd Zulgad asked.

“That’s all kind of conjecture stuff,” he responded.

“Do you regret acquiring him?” another reporter asked.

“Not at present,” said Childress.

Behind the scenes, Childress had already reportedly told Team Turmoil he was cutting ties with Moss. His ties with the beat writers, perhaps, is in about the same condition.

It’s unlikely Moss will resign with the Patriots. Thirty one other teams would have to pass on Moss before the Patriots could claim him off waivers.

All we have left is this new Moss jersey and this Tweet of the Day:


  • bsimon

    Gotta wonder how long Childress will keep his job.

  • Ben Chorn

    Why didn’t Childress at least try to utilize Randy Moss? I mean come on! You can’t throw it deep once a game and expect extraordinary results.

    Childress, you fail as a coach (in more ways than one).

  • John P.

    “Who saw this coming?”

    Me, and the City of Boston, apparently.

    I follow Charlie Piece’s blog at and they seemed real okay with losing him.

  • BJ

    Really. WTF.

    Something like 6-7 passes since he has been here.

  • Bob Collins

    Ben, what Tom Brady understood is what Favre didn’t. You don’t throw the ball TO Randy Moss. You throw the ball as far as you can and let Moss go get it. That play yesterday (with the flag for interference) was a perfect example.

  • andy

    Come on! He didn’t even run his Lexus (pot transporter) into a traffic cop. What gives?!?

    I think this is an indirect slap to Favre’s stitched up face. Farve has been lobbying to play with Moss for years now. He got his way (like he always does), they didn’t produce, Moss mouthed off too many times, and boom, he’s gone.

    It’s sad, I was really looking forward to his press conferences where he was only going to answer the questions posed by himself.

  • Hank

    Childress as coach is the public face of the Vikings during the season, but who actually made the call to bring in Randy Moss, and who made the call on waiving him? I assume that the rest of the Vikings executive team at least had veto power on the trade and had input into waiving Moss. If the Patriots find a super-Brady in the third round next year, will it be Childress’s fault or the rest of the Vikings management?