Bob Feller


Bob Feller, shown above at a Cleveland Indians spring training game I attended in Arizona last spring, was admitted to a hospital today. He has pneumonia. He’s 92.

His health took a nosedive not long after that picture. He has leukemia. He has heart problems. Now he’s got pneumonia.

The chances are we’ll never see the likes of a Bob Feller again. He’s the only Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The day after Pearl Harbor, Feller gave up baseball and enlisted in the Navy.

When he came back to Major League Baseball in 1946, he won 26 games and had an ERA of 2.18. He spent his entire baseball career with one team.

  • BJ

    Regularly in the 98-100 MPH range.

  • Tom Weber, MPR

    And the only opening day no-hitter!

  • Jim

    He’ll still be pitching on my table-top with APBA ….

  • Aaron

    I had a Bob Feller autographed baseball, and when I moved it got misplaced. GRRRR

  • SG

    Love the News Cut, but my week-long news fast begins at midnight. The fact that the media thinks that the Wikileaks story is news sealed the deal.