Avoiding the next Honus mistake

honus_card.jpeg Several generations of junk have accumulated in the nation’s attics because of Honus Wagner.

It’s a nearly mythical tale. Mothers cleaning out the flotsam and jetsam of childhoods threw away baseball cards that were — allegedly — worth millions. A person could retire comfortably on one Honus Wagner card. Now, people hold onto everything — how many Beanie Babies are in your closet? — because nobody wants to throw out the next Honus Wagner-like object.

There are only about 60 Honus Wagner cards left in circulation (thanks, Mom!) and the Associated Press today reports that one of them has been sold at auction for $262,000. It was bequeathed to an order of Roman Catholic nuns.

What’s in your attic?

  • andy

    Ugh, toys (collectables) are in my closet, my garage, my parent’s closets, my parent’s garages, etc… Over the years (20 or so) I’d say I’ve accumulated around 10 – 15 grand worth of these collectables. Die cast farm toys and automobiles of all scales and sizes. Now I only buy Hotwheels, 2-5 per week. Of course everything I’ve got is still in the original package. Sigh, I think crack would have been a better addiction – at least I’d have more closet space. Oh, and I am in fact married (I know, right?)

  • Momkat

    We have a lot of old, old computer parts. Who doesn’t? But we also have a steel tape used to store computer data before magnetic tape came on the scene. According to old computer techs, when a steel tape developed a crease or another type of flaw, the technician would punch a hole in the tape before and after the flaw. The tape drive/reader would skip from hole to hole.