A life in Legos


lukebucklintwitter.jpg If we had a “cool” tag on News Cut, we’d have to apply it to this tribute to Luke Bucklin, the Sierra Bravo (now The Nerdery) co-founder who was killed in a plane crash in Wyoming last month. It’s a large picture of Bucklin made out of Legos.

It was the work of programmer Dan Piscitiello:

“I started by taking pictures of all the different colored Legos in Brick House, then I took color samples of these images into Photoshop so I would know the color palette I was dealing with. For the picture of Luke, I just pulled his Nerdery profile picture off our website. After that it was ten or so steps in Photoshop as I played with different color schemes, posterization, and dithering options. At that point I enlarged the whole thing, placed a grid that represented individual pixels and hit print.”

Running out of Legos was the biggest setback he faced and some days he’d spend a few hours scrounging The Nerdery looking for the pieces he needed, the company’s blog reports today.

  • Mary Minton

    What a wonderful tribute to Luke. Dan, applause to you for your creativity, your tenacity and your artistic ability!

  • Anthony

    Hey Dan,

    That’s very cool! How creative! He would be honored I’m sure. I think you may have found a new talent to share with people. Anyhow, out of curiosity, how many Legos did it take?