A dead end in Powderhorn Park

Hennepin County prosecutors today charged a 16 year old boy with the sexual assault of a mother cross-country skiing with her kids in Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis last Wednesday evening. The boy, and others, are also charged with sexually assaulting two girls in a nearby garage later in the evening.

MPR’s Brandt Williams is covering the boy’s arraignment in court today and will have the story later on today, but while no one has been proven guilty, we wonder nonetheless how a kid grows up to allegedly behave that way.

The top of the charging petition, released by prosecutors, may hold a clue:


  • Kassie

    So, probably an immigrant child. Just because mom and dad’s name and address are unknown, doesn’t mean that someone wasn’t responsible for taking care of them and very possibly feels like the worse parent in the world right now.

  • Bob Collins

    Someone was responsible — a grandmother.

  • asdf

    Huh? The grandmother does not know her own daughter’s name?