The only thing we have to fear..

Why do they call it terrorism? Because it doesn’t work without fear.

Two stories in the news today reveal the extent to which we’ve become a fearful society, just as the terrorists intended.

In North Dakota, the Grand Forks Herald reports, the reason a regional jet put down in Fargo was because there were Saudi students onboard who looked suspicious:

But in the air, once one of the Saudis visited the bathroom — “Other passengers went to the bathroom, too.” — things began to change, de Leon said. “About 10 or 15 minutes later, I could feel the airplane was decreasing altitude, and the pilot said we should get ready to land.”

“The crew had identified what I would call a ‘suspicious condition’ in the lavatory onboard,” Fargo Police Chief Keith Ternes said Sunday, according to news reports.

The interesting factoid? Other passengers went to the bathroom, too. But only the Saudis were taken away.

In San Francisco, meanwhile, an airshow got some people bothered when a 747 buzzed the Golden Gate Bridge.