Poll: Keep funding NPR

A nationwide survey has found that 45 percent of Americans favored continued U.S. government NPR funding, while 39 percent called for a halt to funding, with the remainder saying they had no opinion. The poll comes from Poll Position, using an automated dialing system. The margin of error is +/- 3 percent.


The poll found men are more likely to favor NPR funding than women.

The same survey found that Democrats are more likely to be comfortable aboard an airplane with Muslim men.


It is not, however, proven that the more comfortable people are with Muslim men on an airplane, the more likely they are to support funding for NPR. But it might make a good guess.

  • John P.

    If the Muslim men were listening to NPR, would they scare Republicans even more?

  • Jim Shapiro

    If the Republicans were listening to NPR, could they in fact really be Republicans?

  • JackU

    [To honor the memory of Darrell Huff the following is inspired by How to Lie with Statistics, a book I really need to re-read one of these days.]

    Personally I find these results to be flawed. Allow me to explain.

    What is truly obvious from these results is that 31% of the respondents claiming to be Republicans are lying either about party affiliation or in their responses to the rest of the poll.

    Plus, we have been told by reliable news sources that Democrats have problems focusing on issues particularly when spending other people’s money is involved. I would contend that some of the “Yes” responses to the NPR question may have been people who thought the question was asking if they should fund NPR.

    The finally since it is common knowledge that there are only three true “Independents” in the United States; Joe Lieberman, Jesse Ventura and the guy from Vermont whose name I can never remember, there is no way that you can accurately have 38% of Independents reply one way to a question.

  • Josh

    His name is Bernie Sanders and the only reason he is an independent is that the Democrats are too far to the right for him.

  • Caitlin Vanasse


    in MN yes, Republicans/Conservatives can listen to NPR and still be Republican/Conservative. In Texas the jury is still out but I think the answer to this is that a conservative Minnesotan is quite liberal compares to conservative TX