Perfectly Minnesota: Boundary Waters video

When I first moved to Minnesota many years ago, an executive (who no longer works in Minnesota) pulled me aside and said, “these people… all they care about is getting through the workweek and getting to their cabin.” He wasn’t from here; he was from New York, where people go to work for entirely different reasons.

At the time I thought — but didn’t say — “so? What’s wrong with that?

Colleague Tom Weber forwarded me this video today which confirms that the Minnesota sensibility is a proper one.

Boundary Waters Part 2 from Alex Horner on Vimeo.

It was put together by Alex Horner of Minneapolis, who does this sort of thing for a living.

“I shot this on a weekend trip with my dad and uncle,” he told me in an e-mail this morning. “My goal was to come back with footage of the Boundary Waters that you don’t typically see. Once I edited it all together, I communicated back and forth with my dad directing what I’d like to hear, then he composed the music.”

How do you like them apples, New York?

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  • Nick

    Great footage, really captures what MN is all about. People not from around here just don’t get it. They don’t understand why I keep calling it “God’s country.”

    Some of my fondest memories are up Nordth. You can have your big apple and busy life. Waking up to the morning dew and calm on the water is a refreshing/serene feeling that some will never understand.