Paul was a fraud

The Guardian blows the lid off the soccer-predicting octopus story.

Paul the Octopus, who provided colourful if inane fodder for umpteen news and broadcast organisations during the World Cup, especially those with no rights to any live action in South Africa, was also credited with predicting correct match results for Euro 2008 games. It should be stressed that, contrary to some reports, that was actually a different octopus, and that the different octopus got other results wrong, but such facts shouldn’t get in the way of a good story.

In other global news today, 350 people were killed in a tsunami in Indonesia.

  • John P.

    Unbelievable. How will we know what octopus to believe in the future?

  • John O.

    I guess The Guardian had to really extend its tentacles to get that story.

  • auntie smedley

    Sheesh. EVERYBODY knows that woodchucks are the only legitimate prognosticators of the animal world.

  • Bob Collins

    Auntie’s back! Where have you been, dearie?