It’s all in the question

Did an NBC affiliate in Texas believe that asking “are homosexuals the downfall of America” was a neutrally phrased question? Or were they just trying to get people worked up enough to make the phone lines ring?

The video also sets the record for the most number of times the same three homosexual couples were shown in a segment about how many homosexuals there are.

The Courage Campaign has sent out action e-mails to NBC to protest.

  • Ben Chorn

    So… Democrats cause homosexuality? I KNEW IT!!!

  • Amy

    Unfortunately, there are alot of homophobes out there. With the recent suicides and media coverage of them, they are the ones coming out of the closet! And it is frightening to hear, read and see the slants that are so blatantly homophobic. We still have a LONG way to go, baby, (to coin the sexist cigarette ad for Virginia slims) on this one!