Irresponsibility and the new planet

Now that summer has mercifully left us, we have a clear view of the night sky on the morning dog walks. It’s impossible to look at the stars without thinking of last week’s report that a planet has been discovered that could support life.

So NBC Brian Williams had a little typical TV-anchor fun with it:

Is there a sense of humor there? That would be refreshing.

David McConville, said to be a space and science educator, called Williams’ remark at the end “irresponsible,” and sent a letter to NBC News.

What are the odds that there’s life on this planet? Greater than the odds that people would actually adjust the way they live on this one because they’ve got a “fallback planet” 180,000 years away?

(h/t: Discover)

  • kennedy

    As if we need an excuse for overconsumption.