Carving a niche in Wabasha

How’s your pumpkin carving coming?


You can’t throw a gourd in Minnesota this weekend without hitting either an art fair or a pumpkin festival, but we hit paydirt in Wabasha on Saturday with the city’s Septober Festival, specifically the pumpkin art.

Butter? Who needs butter to carve the images of winners? This is Kathy Goodman, who is giving the winner of the “biggest pumpkin” contest in Wabasha his reward, his likeness carved in pumpkin.


The winning pumpkin was about 1,000 pounds.



She’s been invited to Stillwater next weekend where she’ll carve the visage of the runner-up in a similar contest. We’re told the pumpkins there will be even bigger. Here’s some more pumpkin art from Wabasha.


The Mississippi is zipping along at a rapid clip, part of the city’s park is still underwater in Wabasha. Even so, it’s still one of the most delightful stops on a Minnesota weekend.


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