Battle for the Democratic National Convention

By way of Democratic consultant Blois Olson, we hear Minneapolis has produced a spiffy new video to convince Democratic leaders to select the city to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

DNC Minneapolis 2012 from DNC Minneapolis 2012 on Vimeo.

Minneapolis is competing with Charlotte, Cleveland, and St. Louis for the convention.

There’s no official video for Charlotte, yet. They’ve put up a Web site and are beating the drum via social networking.

Similarly, St. Louis has set up a Web site. There’s no official video but they’ve got Chuck Berry and the rapper, Nelly. Don’t make us trot out Prince, St. Louis.

Cleveland doesn’t even have a website for the project; none of the visitor- and convention-themed organizations even mention it on their websites. There’s a Facebook page that’s never updated, and there’s no official video. But, then again, why would Cleveland need one when they’ve got this classic already.

The early favorite to get the convention? Cleveland.

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