You are your license plate

Remember way back when people protected their privacy? has a story today about a new social networking site that links you with your license plate and eliminates one of the last vestiges of personal space: your car.

The article about is the type of story that makes you want to double-check that you’re not reading The Onion.

Thrower said the technology might actually be able to cut down on road rage, allowing drivers to constructively communicate with each other. Software is used to filter obscenities, and if you’re the passive-aggressive type you can leave a negative rating for a driver that follows them around online. Thrower assures us the rating will never be seen by insurance companies, which is a promise we sure hope ends up in writing somewhere.

Constructive communication with the person who just cut you off? Sure, that’s going to happen.

The promotional video focuses on all the good stuff — rescuing dogs and kids in cars, turning off an errant car alarm, allowing other drivers to tell you your brake light is burned out. What’s the down side? Other than the stalking, of course.