The slow-motion flood

Given the amount of coverage the coming flooding has been getting, I expected to see more drama on the downtown St. Paul riverfront today. Check that. I expected to see some drama. I saw none.



Some streets are being closed in St. Paul, but they were mostly open late this afternoon. And, as the above photos show, the Mississippi River is pretty low at the moment.

Of course, that’s not the case around Jordan where the mighty Minnesota River is cresting. The state has closed these roads and bridges in the Minnesota River Valley, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation:

Highway 19 from Highway 169 to Henderson

· Highway 22 south of St. Peter

· Highway 66 south of Mankato

· Highway 93 from Highway 169 to Henderson

· Highway 93 from Highway 169 to LeSueur

· Highway 99 east of St. Peter

· Highway 169 from Mankato to St. Peter (north and southbound lanes closed)

· Highway 169 from St. Peter to LeSueur (north and southbound lanes closed)

· Highway 169 in St. Peter by Union Street

It’s worth noting that very few spots along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers will have “major” flooding. You can view the predictions at this page of the Twin Cities office of the National Weather Service. The exceptions seem to be Savage, where it’s projected to crest next Friday and Saturday; the Mississippi in St. Paul on Friday and Saturday. No other points are currently projected to have “major” flooding.

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