The sinkholes of St. Paul


Traversing downtown St. Paul these days isn’t for the faint of heart. If you eschew the auto because of the LRT construction on the roads, the sidewalk sinkholes might get you.

At Wabasha and 6th Streets this morning, the sidewalk got sucked into the earth.

A man was walking on the spot at the time; he’s in the hospital.

So the occasional empty streets of downtown St. Paul are empty again as a few dozen cops and reporters babysit the hole.



The Pioneer Press reports the sinkhole was caused by a broken water main, although there isn’t a drop of water anywhere in sight. Fox9 says the water main break — officials don’t know where it is — is flowing underground to points unknown. And it’s likely weakening sidewalks unknown.

Meanwhile, a truck full of scrap metal flipped over on the ramp from 52 to 94 in St. Paul — the site of constant truck flip-overs.


This clearly isn’t St. Paul’s day.

  • tired

    Bob just speculation; notice the storm sewer next to the hole. Water from the water main break is probably washing dirt and sand directly into the storm sewer pipes without so much as a drop reaching the surface. There are a lot of things going on under our feet what with gas, electric, water, sewer, storm water and more.

  • kwatt

    Notice how it strategically left the light post so that people don’t surprisingly fall in when it’s dark.

  • Bruce

    I walk by there every day on my way to my bus stop. Boy, I’m glad I have the day off.

  • Bob Moffitt

    I tweeted a little verse on this incident:

    The man on the corner wanted no fuss.

    No cameras or headlines, just a ride on the bus.

    While some may chuckle, this wasn’t a joke. The sidewalk did buckle, the water main broke!

    Firemen came with a ladder, people came by to see what was the matter.

    He came out, shaken but alert.

    Thank God, he wasn’t badly hurt.