The other side of the story

With all the publicity some crackpots got this week, it seems only fair that the other 300+ million people get a little attention. Two Muslim men go on a car ride and find a welcoming nation. There’s a special shout-out to you, North Dakota.

Their blog — 30 Mosques, 30 States — documents their road trip. Their Minneapolis stop is here.

Unfortunately — for our image — it didn’t appear to be the highlight of the trip. A fight nearly broke out when some Somalis thought the two were FBI or government spies:

“Look, don’t take offense.” Eid says to me as we’re driving. “Ever since people from our community left to fight in Somalia, the FBI and the media has been down our throats.”

  • Maybe there’s hope for us yet.

  • Jeanne

    I think this is an uplifting story to end a disturbing news week. As for their stop in Minneapolis, I can understand why the Somali community here would be a little on edge. More than anything, I thought this week’s news provided us an opportunity to talk to our children about what it means to, in our daily lives, be more understanding and tolerant of those with beliefs other than our own. There’s always been hope for us; it’s just another choice.