Rolling Stone says Minneapolis vinyl shop is super dufte

I’d never heard of local used LP shop Hymie’s Vintage Records until Rolling Stone declared that it’s one of the 25 best record stores in the country. Forgive me for being unhip to the Minneapolis establishment, as I recently returned to the Twin Cities after spending that last dozen years in the San Francisco Bay Area (which according to RS, has the best record store in the country, an opinion with which I heartily concur).

Based on the magazine’s recommendation I visited Hymie’s at 38th and Lake last weekend, where I soaked up the atmosphere (requisite cute dog sprawled across a sunny spot on the floor, that kind of thing) and bought a few records.

One of the great things about old LPs is the cheesy jacket art. I was especially amused at the back of a German album with songs from American western movies called “Die Grosse Westernschau.” The back was apparently promoting a different album by the same label:

super dufte.jpg

“Super dufte.” Classic. Roughly translated: “The Big Teenager Party: Super Neat!”

I walked out of Hymie’s with two old records, one from American treasure Buck Owens (I ain’t a-kiddin’ here) and my favorite childrens’ album of all time, “Songs of Fox Hollow” by Tom T. Hall. C’mon now, don’t be a hater. I also listen the The Current like everyone else.


Minneapolis institution The Electric Fetus also made the Rolling Stone list.