Instant runoff voting may be a winner

Well, a video about it, maybe.

The Online News Association today announced its finalists for its annual awards, and that video, from MPR’s Curtis Gilbert and Molly Bloom is a finalist in the category: Online video journalism-small site.

  • betty tisel

    it’s a really great video, and it’s a really great voting system. I wish we had it in place for Nov 2 statewide elections!

  • Anarad

    Why are they trying to fix something that ain’t broke? One person ONE Vote…whoever gets the most votes wins….it can’t be any easier….that’s what this country was built on

  • Great video! It really explains the process well. My only complaint is that what it’s describing is NOT actually Instant Runoff Voting, but rather Ranked Choice Voting – which is what we have in Minneapolis.

    Instant Runoff Voting works somewhat differently and is not as effective as Ranked Choice is in letting people vote their actual preferences without worrying that by doing so they will be helping their least-liked candidate win.

  • Curtis Gilbert

    The method’s technical name is “single transferable vote.” But only political scientists call it that.

    The modern movement to adopt it in U.S. cities started out using the term “instant runoff voting,” but the city of Minneapolis has decided to call it “ranked choice voting” (in part because they knew counting the votes would take weeks and they didn’t want to mislead people by calling it “instant”).

    Because it was first on the scene, it’s my sense most voters (to the extent they’re familiar with any of the terms) are most likely to have heard of instant runoff voting. So that’s what MPR News has been calling it, though we sometimes throw in ranked choice voting, too, for good measure.

    As for single transferable vote…. We’ll let the political scientists keep that one!

  • kwatt

    You know what is even easier to convey in a video: Just pick one.

  • Colin

    Any voting system capable of electing a governor that 60-70% of state voters deliberately voted against is a broken system. Unfortunately, our country was also built on slaves being counted as 3/5ths of a person with no right to vote. It was built on women having no right to vote. It was based upon non-property owners having no rights. That hardly seems like the Founding Fathers had invented the Lord’s perfect vision of a blossoming democracy. In fact, they committed numerous errors that we now acknowledge were the most disastrous mistakes in American history, such as Jefferson’s Embargo Act and the Alien and Sedition Acts.