Ethanol-producing state backs away from E-85

If a farm state is turning its back on E-85 gasoline, what is its future?

South Dakota has stopped using E-85 in its state fleet after determining that it costs 13-percent more than the regular gas. Instead, it’s going to try E-30.

What’s the problem? E-85 doesn’t provide particularly good mileage.

Says the Daily Republic:

E-85, a blend of approximately 85 percent ethanol and about 15 percent gasoline, typically is much cheaper in price per gallon in South Dakota than conventional E-10 blend or regular unleaded gasoline.

However, the bureau’s study found that the price difference wasn’t enough to overcome the substantially lower fuel mileage using E-85.

South Dakota isn’t the only corn state to reconsider E-85. In Iowa, E-85 sales are falling, even though the number of vehicles that can use E-85 is increasing.

(h/t: Midwest Energy News)