Over the line in Utah

Charges of racism are flying after an ad for the Utah State Fair was pulled from TV. The person who made the commercial — Jared Hess, who created 2004’s “Napoleon Dynamite” — says fair officials are reacting to having an African American in the commercial, and notes that radio ads that say the same thing are still airing.

Fair officials say the ads are too suggestive.

One official said the ad didn’t “incentivize” him to go to the fair. Apparently this commercial — from a few years ago and also produced by Hess — did.

So, here’s an early challenge to the Minnesota State Fair. Produce an ad that says “I love your ham, baby!” Please?

  • John P.

    I sure don’t see the problem with the Utah ads. Just a guy singing a slightly steamy love song to a pig. It’s funny. The racism charge is just baffling to me. Maybe I’m insensitive. Maybe the complainers are overly sensitive. The Napoleon Dynamite stuff makes me laugh, but I love that sort of dumb humor. I do agree that neither tells me much about the Utah State Fair.

    The MN Fair do a pretty good job of flashing though a lot of the attractions and telling you why you might want to go. I suppose that is what’s important, but I do wish they made me laugh or at least grin a little.