Caption contest


I had the pleasure of meeting News Cut reader Tyler Giles at the MPR booth at the State Fair on Thursday. He sent this picture along and it cries for a caption contest (which I put on my Facebook page but it deserves wider circulation, don’t you think?)

Here are some of the submissions:

“Twins assistant general manager conducts group interview with potential relief pitchers for this weekend’s series with Texas. The guy in the middle insists he could start Saturday.” — Matt Wells

“Continuing it’s public outreach, Linux attempts to explain to uninterested State Fair attendees why it is the superior operating system.” — Michael Wells

Penguin: “Look at all the people I won at the fair today. — Nanci Fine

Kid in T shirt ” Aw jeez, I’m sittin’ here all by myself, well just me and the penguin, and the chick across from me sits down. I figure now’s my chance to say something to her about her leopard when the old dude sits down with his big red stuffed thing and starts to bum all of us out.. I feel like some mini donuts..” — Paul Bellefeuille

I had a great week at the Fair and everyone was fascinating to talk to. More on that later, but for now you’ve got some work to do: Supply your caption for this picture below.

And here’s Tyler’s set on Picassa.