Weather photo of the day


The only thing missing from this photo is Charlton Heston.

Noelle Bakken of Plymouth writes:

Hey Bob, we’re fortunate enough to have a west-facing apartment with a balcony, and while it also gives me plenty of time to panic about the foreboding clouds, I’ve also started to document the panoramic views we get of the incoming storms.

I adjusted the lighting on it a bit, but not by much – just enough to enhance the lights/darks in the clouds a little. J That was just about the point when the temperature dropped about 5-10 degrees almost instantly!

Here’s Noelle’s album on Facebook.

  • ChicagoAndy

    Whoa! Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing Noelle.

  • Tim Agen

    looks exactly like an underwater foto of the surf.. except for the city underneath.. unless it was a crab city. hurm.