Twins win, thanks to Twins

The Rolling Twins are getting a break, thanks to the other Twins in town.

The wheelchair softball team has been playing in the parking lot of a library because the Courage Center didn’t have the money to build a rubberized field. Today, the Minnesota Twins announced the team has been given a $200,000 grant (from Pepsi) to build the field.

Fifteen major league teams each selected an organization that would benefit from the grant, and then people voted for which team’s pick would win the money. The Minnesota choice came out on top.

Here’s some video of the Rolling Twins shot by MSP Magazine a few years ago:

  • Kim E

    I saw this story on the news last night. I think the Courage Center does really great work for all kinds of people with all kinds of disabilities, so it’s neat to see them getting help from such a high place!