I love the Midmorning audience. They ask great questions and on a daily basis they show how smart they are.

This morning, Kerri Miller looked at the question of whether South Dakota is taking jobs from Minnesota.

It’s a question without an answer, according to a story from MPR a week ago (ignore the misleading headline). “We really don’t have good numbers on that,” said Art Rolnick, a senior fellow at the Humphrey Institute and former official with the Minneapolis Federal Reserve.

In the absence of data, then, we’re left with anecdotal evidence. A caller from Sioux Falls to Midmorning asked “where are all these jobs?”

We got this e-mail from listener David Frank of Canby, MN:

Here is a link to a story that might answer that question. You are free to use your own judgment as to the validity of the source.

The link goes to a 2008 story from MPR.

Well played, sir. Well played.

  • bsimon

    I must be missing something if a story from March of 2008 is an effective rebuttal to a question asking where the jobs are today.

  • Bob Collins

    The issue isn’t whether the jobs have left today. The issue is whether Minn jobs flee to South Dakota at all.