Thudy reveals damage from tongue pierthings

PiercedTongue1.jpg A few years ago, I asked a young man why he had his tongue pierced and a ring put in. “Ith a thatement of who I am,” he said.

He is — or was — a candidate for braces, according to research from the University of Buffalo.

“It is a basic tenet of orthodontics that force, over time, moves teeth,” said Swansan Tabbaa, an assistant professor of orthodontics at the university’s School of Dental Medicine and lead researcher on the case study, told

The problem, the university says, is that people with pierced tongues “play” with their new friend. Its study, though, seems to involve one woman:

The tongue was pierced seven years earlier and every day for seven years she had pushed the stud between her upper front teeth, creating the space between them and, subsequently, habitually placing it in the space. The patient did not have a space between her upper front teeth prior to the tongue piercing.

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  • When I was young and stupid, I got my tongue pierced. It was pretty uncommon at the time and I didn’t research the person who did it. I now have nerve damage in my tongue and it messed up my gum line in the back of my two front teeth. Kids make dumb mistakes. We live with them and move on. This isn’t the end of the world.