The week-in-review quiz

We’ve got prizes! Sort of. My cubicle neighbor, Kerri Miller — that’s right, the one who crinkles her nose and talks funny when she says blogger is now on Twitter. I can get you a deal. Finish with the best score in this week’s quiz (you’ll have to enter it in the comments section and be honest, which has never been a problem for News Cut commenters before), and she’s agreed to follow you. I know, it’s not a huge prize, but I’m still negotiating for the one I want to give away: She takes you home and makes a big plate of French toast for you.

By the way, she’s not following me.

You might have to give the quiz a moment to load.

  • MR

    Got the one about the TP, missed the one about the RNC. Priorities?

    13 was my score.

  • Dylan

    I got 9. A disappointing performance.

  • Luke Hellier

    10 out of 15. Doubt that will be enough to win.

  • Only 12…again.

  • Duke Powell

    8 out of 15… Maybe my worst News Cut Quiz performance ever.

  • Sam

    12, but I really should have gotten the DFL endorsement one, too. Oh, well – I gave up on Twitter after a month anyway…

  • vjacobsen

    10…Can I get french toast?

  • Cara

    Ugh, only 8. I cruised through the 1st seven questions but it was pretty bumpty from there. I don’t mind that I missed the Charmin question.

  • kwatt

    13. But I want to earn Kerry’s follow. And I hate French toast.

  • Lesli in Minneapolis

    Only 8. I missed some stupid ones, but got the toilet paper one. What does that say about a person??

  • Nate

    9. I must have missed a day or so there…

  • Chris

    Three cheers for Great Scott, Bob!

  • bsimon

    10/15. I’ll try harder when french toast is on the line.

  • LK

    I performed under pressure! A perfect 10!

  • andy

    10-15. I feel ok about that considering I live in Chicago.

  • I am very disappointed in myself. I only got 7. If I had thought a little more I would have been in Charmin range but I blew through it too fast.

  • Bonnie

    9…I almost always get 9 correct. I’m kind of glad I got the Charmin one wrong though.

  • Heather

    9. Note to self: KSTP, KSTP, KSTP!

  • Krista

    One of my worst showings ever–a 9– but I was on vacation this week. Of course, I got the sports question wrong, AS USUAL.

  • 12, but I swear I knew the stories behind the three I missed. I’m sure I would have gotten the tp question correct if I had seen the commercial, but I only knew about it through news stories. {ahem}

  • Bob Collins

    Re: TP. I gave the answer to you all two posts earlier.

    And is ANYONE going to notice the photograph of me and Sally Field? Anyone?

  • Kevin M

    A personal best of 12 – though I’ve only been playing for a few weeks; normally I skip the quiz and tune out (or in) to the weekend shows rather than rehash the news of the week, so I feel alright about my mediocre showings.

  • Steven Lobejko

    I scored a shameful 9. Damn you, Charmin!

  • V

    My NewsCut quiz score goes all the way to 11.

  • Minn whaler

    7/15, raced through it and accidently clicked one wrong answer, but only one. Sigh! At least I was aware of most of the stories, except Charmin. My screen is too small to notice you were with Sally… (and I was racing through) Just thought it was Burt Reynolds. You do bear a striking resemlance afterall!

  • Lily

    12/15. I can’t believe I did better than the Whaler.

  • JackU

    10/15 – Not a great showing this week.