The living victims of 9/11

While a planned mosque near the World Trade Center site is getting all of the attention, the people who paid a big price for their heroism on 9/11 are quietly getting stiffed, some of them say.

The New York Times reports that settlement letters have been arriving at the homes of 9/11 rescue workers, many of whom have suffered devastating health effects of that work, and the $712 million settlement comes down to a pretty small amount once the fees and lawyer bills are added in. But the price of a life is, at best, a puzzling calculation:

Plaintiffs with cancer would receive relatively low compensation under the settlement because of the difficulty of proving a link between the illness and exposure at ground zero. A condition like asthma may draw more money because it is more likely to be proved in court with expert testimony to have resulted from exposure to particulates there than, say, lung cancer is, lawyers involved in the cases say.

In order for the money to be paid, however, 95 percent of the people eligible for it have to agree to take it.

“It weighs heavy on one’s mind that your decision would impact the compensation of those who are sick,” one ground zero workers said, “because if you don’t get 95 percent you’re not going to settle.”

  • Cozy

    Hi all,

    My name is Cozy and I live in London England.

    I am looking for a US citizen who can help me by making a freedom of information act request to the Metropolitan police in London. Making a FOI request to the Met police is very quick and easy if done on their website, it is free of charge, and anybody in the world can make a request.

    In 1994 a London police officer gave evidence in a murder trial at the Central Criminal Court in London. (The case of Malcolm Kennedy / Patrick Quinn, this can be googled).

    This officer, Emlyn Welsh, was in the witness box for three days, and I have heard that at some point he spoke about 9/11 intelligence.

    We are really curious to know what the Metropolitan police knew in 1994. And why would he have been asked about it at a murder trial ? What was the relevance of it ?

    I would be grateful if you would make a FOI request on the Metropolitan police website, and ask for a copy of the written transcript of this officer’s evidence. I think they are more likely to be co-operative if the request comes from the US.


    Cozy the drummer