Take the News Cut Challenge!

As always, let’s hear about your results in the “comments” section below. Extra points are given for the most creative excuse about why you didn’t spend more time on News Cut this week. (You might have to wait a moment for the quiz to load. Patience is a good thing.)

  • Wow, I think I pay attention pretty well, but that was hard. I only got 6/15, and half of those were sheer dumb luck.

  • BJ

    Wow a lucky 8….

  • vjacobsen

    8/15, and 2 of them I only got correct because I just heard the answers on a podcast I was listening to.

    My excuse? I was at UND all week.

  • Heather

    9, with a couple of lucky guesses. I could have done better, but I’ve been too busy writing comments to read everything. 😉

  • Matt

    11! Don’t think I’ve ever done that well on the Quiz.

  • 11. Pretty good here, too

  • Bob Collins

    You know what we need to do? Create a treasure chest of junk you win at the STate Fair (but don’t really want), and then each week — or whenever I get around to doing this thing — compete to win one of them.

  • Bob Moffitt

    I scored a “St. Urho.”

    While I had not heard which Democrat did not vote for soon to be Justice K, when I saw Ben Nelson’s name on the list, it was a no-brainer.

  • davidz

    Wow. 14/15, using only one hint.

    Maybe I should call in to Wait Wait…

  • Bonnie

    9/15 no hints…one of my better quiz scores, I’m ashamed to admit…thanks for the Vikings question Bob, I was flagging at the moment and my confidence was bolstered.

  • Jon

    I see my coworker has already taken the quiz. Now I face a dilemma. I can call him on wasting time at work by taking the quiz, but then I’d have to admit my rather dismal showing of 7 (bad second guessing did me in – that and an apparent lack of faith in the good students of Mankato).

  • Justin Smith

    12/15 with no hints.

  • momkat

    10/15 with no hints but a bit of WAG. Love the idea of State Fair prizes, Bob.

  • Krista

    11/15 — my worst score in a long time. You know that any sports questions are my weak spot.

    I have some SPAM frisbees, pork tattoos, and a John Deer hat for the prize collection.

  • LK

    Purposefully waited until Saturday to take the quiz so that I was fully rested and prepared. No luck. ¡Sólo siete lo correcto!

  • Al

    9/15 with no hints

    I would have been here more often but I was computer-less for part of the week. I cracked the screen on the 2 week-old laptop that we got to replace our old laptop. I shattered the screen of that one last month. I hope this wins for most creative. Can it be most creative if it is most true? As they say, you can’t make this stuff up.

    \\SPAM frisbees, pork tattoos, and a John Deer hat…

    What kind of prizes are those? We can get all that and a pickle hat in just a few weeks. I can’t wait for the fair!

  • JackU

    11 out of 15. Should have been 12 but I didn’t read one of the questions all the way to the end. (MN Forward question, saw Best Buy, selected Best Buy.)

    I wonder if Gus Ferrotte has ever been the answer to a quiz question before?

  • Bob Collins

    Gus has never been the answer to anything.