Real apples and fake pot

These two stories, which you can read on MPR’s Minnesota Today website, have a strange synergy. Two lawsuits, threatened against public entities, over organic materials being grown for public consumption, each said to induce delight in the consumer.

Further, until recently nobody had heard of either synthetic marijuana (aka K2, Yucatan Fire, Bayou Blaster) or SweeTango apples. And both of them, judging from the anecdotal evidence, are seriously addictive.

So here’s a prediction: Soon someone will produce a synthetic form of SweeTango apples, probably with a name like Pepin Powerball or Crookston Crunch. In the meantime, hats off to the Duluth City Council for addressing faux dope, which the state should have dealt with by now but hasn’t.

  • And why exactly should the state have dealt with “fake pot” by now? Do we really want to keep our focus on banning substances at a time when our entire food regulatory system is in a state of acute collapse?

    What on earth is wrong with our so-called liberal media that they repeatedly lead the charge to make stuff illegal?

    What? Someone had a good time somewhere? BAN [fill in the blank] BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

  • David

    I have to agree with Mark. Our state has so many real problems that focusing on some doofus that wants to smoke plastic coated incense is more criminal than any laws they could make on the topic.

  • J Smith

    I think it’s interesting that Mark points out “liberal media”… even if the media keeps reporting these things, I know oth personally and by poll numbers that way more conservatives are opposed to stuff like that than liberals.

  • Lily

    We are all “doofuses” if we don’t pass laws to outlaw the “synthetic” marijuana.It is some pretty dangerous stuff, much worse that the illegal stuff. Ask any parent of a teen with chemical health problems and they’ll say the samet thing.

    And I’m not a liberal or a conservative, ha!