Politics, Wisconsin style

Last night, The Daily’s Show’s Jon Stewart launched a new segment called “I Give Up.” Its inaugural segment focused on Congress’ inability to agree on help for the families of the heroes of 9/11 because, apparently, it would require spending money. (Note: May not be suitable for the workplace.)

The segment has no shortage of candidates to portray how far the political process has descended. Here’s one from today’s news.

Ieshuh Griffin, running for the state Assembly in the great — if occasionally pathetic — state of Wisconsin, has lost her attempt to appeal to the finest instincts of voters. She wanted her campaign slogan included on the official ballot.

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa has ruled that “”NOT the ‘whiteman’s bitch'” is not a fitting description.

A candidate in Wisconsin can use up to five words to describe him/herself.

“A lot of people are telling me they support my stand,” she said. (Here’s a video of her testimony last month to the Government Accountability Board.)

She’ll need five other words. Got any suggestions?

  • vjacobsen

    Yes: Not really a grown up