Mankato’s alcohol problem

In 2008, Mankato was ground zero in the debate over alcohol, after several teenagers died of alcohol poisoning or accidents involving alcohol.

“The pattern isn’t good,” said Mayor John Brady to MPR at the time. “The citizens suffer from some of the activities that over-consuming people do in the neighborhoods, especially in the summer. It’s not the kind of behavior we want to continue in our community.”

Fast-forward to 2010. Brady has been arrested for drunk driving, the Mankato Free Press reports.

  • David

    Gotta love our DWI laws. Clearly they have been working like a charm and our streets are safer than ever!

  • Greg K

    What a politician spewing something not to do and then found later to be doing it themselves? Tell me it’s not so.

  • John P.

    Well, I guess Mayor Brady should know an alcohol problem when he sees one.

  • Karl

    One more DWI and Brady will be tied with Tom Emmer, who wants to be your governor.