Mailbag: Weather warnings

Other than weather geeks, I don’t know anybody who really likes having their radio and TV programs interrupted for weather warnings. Particularly with severe thunderstorm warnings, it always seemed to me that anyone looking out the window, or hearing thunder in the distance, or listening to static on AM radio, can figure out that a thunderstorm is nearby.

Nor has it always made sense that someone in northern Minnesota has to listen to a weather warning for someone in southern Minnesota.

But this e-mail from Jay Knaak of International Falls today has me recalibrating that a bit:

Recently I was listening to MPR on 88.1 International Falls where I live. A tornado warning was issued for southern MN near St.James MN on Aug 11th, where I was raised. Warning was for 5 miles north and 4 miles west of the town. I text my Mom and asked her if she was close to it. She was in a neighboring town but called a friend near the warning, who was previously unaware of the tornado . The friend went outside and looked around, and snapped this cell phone picture. MPR could have potentially saved lives and at least prompted a good picture. Good job MPR


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