‘Do you know how fast you were going?’

In Menahga, Minnesota, a man has been arrested for doing 178 miles per hour in his Corvette according to the Duluth News Tribune.

No surprise. The driver was apparently drunk.

Otherwise, he might’ve come up with a snappier answer to the obvious question.

When he approached the vehicle, Manderschied asked Johnson what the “big hurry” was, according to court documents, and Johnson replied that he was just having fun. Asked how fast he thought he was going, Johnson told Manderschied he “can’t even imagine.”

Obviously, there’s a News Cut challenge here. Come up with a more funny answer to the question.

  • Well, given the make of the car involved, I’m going with: “Sorry, officer, I was just seeing if I could outrun my midlife crisis…”

  • Heather

    I’ll tell you in a minute, but first we need to give my brain a chance to catch up.

  • Bob Collins

    My (twin) brother got dinged once for speeding in a Porsche. He told the officer “it’s bad for the car to go any slower.” He got written up.

  • “My Mazarati does 185…”

  • Jon


    “My speedometer has isn’t working right!”

  • Tyler

    “How fast were *you* going to catch up with me, sir??”

  • John

    A corvette and a squad car can both do 180. American auto manufacturing is back!

  • JackU


  • Ben Chorn

    “I was trying to empty my gas tank?”

  • Dalton

    The important thing to remember from this post is…wait, Bob has a twin brother?

  • Heather

    Bob, would that be an EVIL twin?

    I think Paul wins.

  • Bob Collins