Court upholds anti-pawnshop ordinance

St. Louis Park has prevailed in its fight against pawn shops in its city.

Today, the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld the city’s ordinance against pawn shops near residential areas, and a restriction against more than two pawn shops in the city. A moratorium on pawn shops in the city prevented Pawn America — a national chain based in Burnsville — from putting a shop on Excelsior Boulevard, after residents in the area objected.

Pawn America said it was specifically being targeted by the city’s zoning rule.

“The City does not deny that Pawn America’s plan to open a pawnshop prompted the adoption of the interim ordinance. But awareness of one particular application does not, in itself, make the City‟s actions arbitrary or unreasonable,” the Supreme Court said in its ruling today.

“Although the Pawn America application undoubtedly prompted the City’s concern about pawnshops and the City took steps to preserve the status quo, the record indicates that the City adopted the interim moratorium ordinance not merely because of Pawn America, but to protect the City’s planning process with respect to pawnshops in the City in general, and to examine the impact of pawnshops on the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens,” it said.

Here’s the full opinion.

  • Matt

    Thank you St. Louis Park and Minnesota Supreme Court for keeping us safe! Nobody knows the threat to “health, safety and welfare” that was looming with the impending invasion of Pawn America and their buying and selling of items! Well sure there is Goodwill and a number of thrift stores that sell used thing but at least they won’t loan you money or any of those dangerous things. Well sure there are a number of payday lenders in St. Louis Park – but they don’t sell items and loan money all in the same building -that is where the real danger is! Okay fine there is Excel Pawn and Jewelry and Cash and Pawn in St Louis Park that are, well pawn shops but they are not Pawn America – that is the real threat to the community!

    Again, thank you St. Louis Park and the Minnesota State Supreme Court you have once again shown that, to steal a line from Mr. Emmer, “Minnesota is open for business”…unless you are a pawn shop, a car dealership that wants to sell cars on Sunday, a normal business that wants to compete on a level playing field without being run out of town by subsidised companies…

    S.D. motto – Under God the People Rule

    Minnesota motto – well it’s french and that makes for an easy shot at government planning and ineptitude but I will take the high road and point out that the star is dimming.

  • Shawn

    Last post : Pawn America Owned and affiliated Citi-Group Citi bank good for them keep the big banks from making another buck of the poorest people bringing in a national Chain over a local

    Pawn shop and non profit organization .

  • matt

    …chuckle…the morality of the making of the bucks is determined by the size of the company. Must have missed that in my ethics course.

    At least that was not the reasoning offered by the city or court or it might truly be a signal that hell hath frozen over.

  • John P.

    Matt doesn’t like the French, apparently. Maybe he was bitten by a poodle when he was young.

    It seems to me the elected representatives of the people of St. Louis Park ought to be able to zone their city any way they dang well please.

  • matt

    It was a poodle – but I had a French doctor named Bastiat that healed me.

    When the elected representatives zone any dang way they please there are very real results. They favor existing businesses by lessening competition which raises prices and reduces innovation – a disservice to the residents of St. Louis Park who should be able to shop anywhere they dang well please, or open a business where they dang well please. The prohibition of pawn shops is a holdover of Jim Crow laws – don’t let them build it and THEY won’t come.

  • Deneen

    There IS a Pawn America on Excelsior Blvd, so I don’t get it.

    St. Louis Park, MN

    Outlet Store

    5600 Excelsior Boulevard

    St. Louis Park, MN 55416