A thousand words: The naturalization ceremony

There’s something inspiring about naturalization ceremonies. Today, several hundred people became U.S. citizens in a ceremony at Landmark Center in St. Paul. Be sure to look at the images from MPR reporter Tim Nelson in all of their big-screen goodness on MPR’s new photo blog.

Here are a few other pictures he took:

  • matt

    Congratualtions to the new Americans – welcome!

    I can only hope that the welcoming of new citizens and all the promise they offer our nation will encourage Washington to revamp our guest worker program to correct the disequilibrium of the labor market between Mexico and the US. It is sad that there has to be illegal immigration and the backlash hate when it could simply be fixed by opening our borders.

    More jobs in the US, more civility and humanity, less cost.

  • Minnwhaler

    You mean there’s still room? kidding.

    this is beautiful! photos, emotion, new citizens. what incredible blessings for our country!