A difference of style

Remember the warm and fuzzy TV ad from Sen. John McCain on the evening Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for president at the party’s convention in Denver?

The Minnesota Republican Party is not reading the John McCain playbook. It unveiled its first ad against Mark Dayton today.

It has a certain familiarity to it…

  • Jennifer

    So it begins. The fact that this is already out makes me assume that they had a Margaret Anderson Keliher attack ad waiting in the wings too. I’m curious as to what that looked like.

  • Bob Collins

    Good question, Jennifer. My guess is they would’ve warmed up the “pushed through the largest tax increase in state history” material they used in 2008 legislative races.

  • Jennifer

    I think you’re probably right on that. And likely finished it off by questioning her claims to bring people together by bringing up the stalemates of the recent legislative sessions.

    Did you check out the “Dayton Facts” website listed on the ad? The GOP definitely isn’t holding their cards close to their chest. It basically lays out every attack they have against him…office closure, taxes, worst senator, taxes,what other DFLers said during fight leading up to primary, taxes, the millions that he’s spent, taxes, family members donating to anti-Emmer ads (which is surprising??), taxes. Unless they are willing to attack his depression, there shouldn’t be too many surprises.

    But if I’m not mistaken, Emmer’s newest campaign manager is the Coleman campaign manager who was behind the infamous ad questioning Franken’s temperment while using video that was actually him telling a rather touching story. I know this ad isn’t directly from the Emmer campaign, but that could be a sign of what’s to come.

  • Jennifer

    I could be wrong. After hearing the head of the GOP say “We can’t have a governor who quits because he’s had a bad day” if looks like the depression issue might not be so off limits.

  • JackU

    After hearing the head of the GOP say “We can’t have a governor who quits because he’s had a bad day” …

    After making that statement I hope they don’t bring the former governor of Alaska in for campaign events.