Road closings: You can’t get there from here

Nightmares anyone?

It’s another weekend in the Twin Cities, which means more closings of major interstate highways traversing these major American cities.

Here’s the map. Click for a larger view.


And here’s the translation:

I-94 – This evening (10 p.m.) through early Monday morning, it’s closed between Cedar Avenue and I35W. The detour is Highway 280 to to I-35W to I-694. You can do the same thing if you’re eastbound on 94 from west of the city. You can’t use I-494 as a detour, however. See below.

I-94 WB – The entrance ramp from Lexington Avenue is closed until 5 Monday morning.

I-35W – Is closed between I-94 and 7th Street. If you’re heading northbound, you’ll have to get on I-94 westbound, east on I-694 and then pick up I-35W. If you’re heading southbound, you can do the same thing, or go down Highway 280 to I-94 east and then down I-35E south, which seems a little out of the way unless you’re sick of the western detour.

I-494 Western suburbs from I-94. The exit ramp from eastbound I-94 to I-494 closes at 8pm Friday and maybe reopens on Sunday in time for the come-home-from-the-cabin traffic. You could stay on 94 to Highway 169 to I-394. Better: Stay at the cabin another day. By the way, look out for the Maple Grove and Plymouth cops. They were having a field day catching speeders today.

I-494 Eastern suburbs – The exit ramps from northbound 494 to Valley Creek Road in Woodbury and I-94 eastbound are closed.

The northbound entrance ramp from Tamarack Road in Woodbury is closed.

I-694 Eastern suburbs – The entrance ramp from I-94 westbound to I-694 in Oakdale is closed.

The northbound exit onto 10th Street in Oakdale/Maplewood is closed.

The northbound exit onto Highway 5 in Oakdale is closed.

Highway 10 – Eastbound closed between Highway 65 and Interstate 35W starting at 6 p.m. Friday. Detour is Ramsey 10.

Mississippi River — Open in both directions.

  • Mississippi River — Open in both directions.


    Also, the skies above the twin cities, for the pilots…

    it’s going to be a mess of a weekend for anyone who doesn’t stay home until Monday!

  • MikeW

    I was about to say that it’s a good thing I’m escaping to WI for the weekend, but with the 494 to 94 exit closed, that might not be possible 😉

  • Kassie

    Luckily we don’t have anywhere we need to go that we can’t take side streets.

  • Asya

    Edina cops are on the prowl today, too!

  • JackU

    You left out one other closure, Ford Parkway in St Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood will be closed for Highland Fest. (The Ford Parkway bridge is an alternate between Highland and south Minneapolis.)

  • Lily

    A grand weekend to stay homeand work in the yard. Assuming, of course, that it doesn’t rain All weekend.