Video: The lightning show

Is there a better show in town than when big storms leave the Twin Cities, settle over Wisconsin, and allow us to watch the lightning from the comfort of the front lawn?

Be sure to see Paul Huttner’s Updraft blog for a few more pictures and an example of how it’s possible to provide outstanding weather information without hyperventilating.

  • RadioNed

    Reminds me a bit of two of the most spectacular lightning storms I can remember:

    1. One summer on Bonny Eagle Pond, Maine – looking East across the water towards Portland. Wicked storm off in the distance. We just sat on the back deck for at least 30 mins to watch the bolts, etc. Far enough away, that I don’t recall hearing thunder.

    2. Overnighting on the Battleship New Jersey for a scout function, sitting up on deck looking North towards the Ben Franklin bridge. Just a few miles away, nature’s fireworks visible out beyond and behind the suspension work of the bridge.

    Oh – just remembered another: Waterloo Village, NJ. Tented Music festival featuring headline performance by the Organist Virgil Fox. Just as he began, this HUGE storm exploded directly overhead. The wind blew the rain in sideways, (no flaps on the tents) power went out, concert cancelled. Emergency vehicles had to respond to use their headlights to help folks file out of tent safely.

    Typical teenager, I thought that was the best part of the show. Pity. Fox died a few months later.