Tracking weather

Normally, predictions of severe weather have to be calculated to subtract the human tendency of weather experts to blow things out of proportion, but today feels different. Even without media, weather radios, and sirens, any trick knee will reveal that today’s weather is going to be bad.

That’s the weather radar for Duluth. Let’s see what it looks like as it moves through.

Here’s the Webcam image at 9:43


9:51, via this Webcam:


9:57: The red/orange on the map is over Duluth. What does it look like on the ground? Not much.


10:08: The “green” moves in. It looks suspiciously like the “red” and “orange” weather. So far, we’re unimpessed, though we’re presently cowering in the basement.


10:18: We’ll assume the sudden appearance of tourists constitutes the Duluth version of an “all clear.”


Click on any of those images for a larger view.

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