The auction champ

Kristine Fladeboe Duininck, 36, of Willmar, won the title of top female auctioneer in the country over the weekend.

Her company specializes in selling farms via auction and raising money in benefit auctions, according to a press release. The above video was produced by her company. among other things, it reveals that there are actual auctioneer schools, which sounds like a definite future News Cut video.

  • I’ve done auctions myself for charity, and I’ve MC’d events with Kristine as the auctioneer, and I have to say she is INCREDIBLE.

    There’s something about a brilliant auctioneer that can get people to raise their numbers and start bidding.

    Congrats to Kris!

  • Mary L

    You have a colleague in the building who has been to auctioneer school, Bob. Clue: initials VA

  • Bob Collins

    Get! Out! Valerie Arganbright? Perfect. I’ll be making a visit to her office immediately.