7/21/10 – Five by 8: Amish police chase?

Start off your morning right This, I did not see coming.

Levi Detweiler, a 17-year-old Amish youth, allegedly led sheriff’s deputies on a mile-long, presumably low-speed chase, after running a stop sign in his horse and buggy and refusing to pull over.

This is where he belongs:

That should get you started off on the right foot today.

(via CBS)

1) The oil spill saga continues, as expected, and the New York Times has a great interactive map showing where the sludge has made landfall. Meanwhile, the containment cap seems to be holding, while, according to retired Admiral Thad W. Allen, the “seepage” seen above the well is from other sources and not a major concern.

“We don’t think they are consequential,” [Allen] said. Kent Wells, a senior vice president for BP, said that he was pleased with the results of testing so far and that there was no evidence of serious leaking.

BP also announced they are selling $7 billion worth of onshore oil and gas assets to rival company Apache Corporation — which was started in Minneapolis in 1954 and stayed until 1987. Is this a sign that they actually might be affected by the spill? We know the Gulf Coast is.

2) This is making me rethink my facial hair.

The suspect arrested Saturday had a similar build and strip-style goatee, Robson said. Police found a similar hat and sunglasses in his vehicle, as well.


Photo from Shakopee Valley News

They arrested (and subsequently released) the poor guy because he had some rockin’ goatee. Bummer.

3) News-worthy stories. Maybe Larry King should retire early, if this is what he’s got.

If this is how CNN, one of the best international breaking news outlets in the world, spends its energy — we’re in for a serious ride. Of course, she is only spending two weeks there, so it’ll all be over soon.

4) The drug war has a new enemy: skydiving 100-pound bags of marijuana that crash onto your roof.

This gives a new meaning to “it’s raining cats and dogs… and pot.”

5) Finally, Apple reported record profits from their third quarter report. Despite the problems with the iPhone 4’s reception, Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed that they went above and beyond expectations.

It was a phenomenal quarter that exceeded our expectations all around, including the most successful product launch in Apple’s history with iPhone 4.

Someone get Apple a gold medal! They have been the subject of more bad press in the past few weeks than ever before, yet still have the constitution to report record profit. Of course, some of that profit is going to fixing the iPhone 4’s reception problems, right? …Right?

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