South Dakota hailstone sets U.S. records


Photo courtesy the National Weather Service

A giant hailstone that fell in South Dakota has set national records for weight and diameter, according to the National Weather Service.

Leslie “Les” Scott of Vivian, S.D. grabbed the 1.93-pound hailstone after a storm last Friday. It had a diameter of eight inches and a 18.625-inch circumference.

My favorite line comes from KELOLAND’s story:

Scott originally wanted to make a daiquiri out of the hail, but decided to contact the National Weather Service instead.

The Daily Republic in Mitchell, S.D. interviewed meteorologist Greg Herman from the weather service office in Sioux Falls:

Herman said 103 mph winds are required to keep a softball-size hailstone in the air. A softball is 4.5 inches in circumference, about half the size of the Vivian hailstone.

The previous record for heaviest hailstone was 1.67 pounds (Sept. 3, 1970 in Coffeeville, Kan.), according to the weather service.

The previous record for diameter was seven inches (June 23, 2003 in Aurora, Neb.). That hailstone still holds the record for circumference at 18.75 inches and weighed just under one pound.


Interactive hail map

And speaking of records – the record for 24-hour temperature change was set in 1972 in Loma, Mont. at 103 degrees. Just thought you should know.

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