Five by 8 – 7/16/10: Chris Dewey’s fight


1) The worst possible story of the day is coming from Mahnomen County. WCCO is reporting that sheriff deputy Chris Dewey is in hospice. He was shot in February 2009 and has provided an inspirational story of recovery ever since.

Here’s his Caring Bridge site. An entry posted early this morning carries a touching story:

The Minneapolis Bomb Squad graced us with their presence this evening to fufill Chris’ dream….THEY BLEW UP HIS HELMET!!!! Since Chris has had his “monkey hat”, he has wanted to “blow it up” as soon as he was not in need of it anymore. These great men made this happen….and I thank you.

It is a difficult time for all, and especially Emily. She has been with Chris through everything and it is time to let go. There are things much worse than dying and we all know that Chris will be going to a better place. When it is my time, I can’t wait to catch up with him if I get there too.

Thank you all for all of your support and prayers throughout this time. I did not wish to deliver this news but we are only sad for us….Chris will be walking golden streets soon. I know that he is, and will forever be with the Lord.

2) Would it have killed Duluth officials to allow its firefighters to raise money for the Jerry Lewis’ Muscular Dystrophy telethon while on the clock? No, but it took a change in the law to allow it, the Duluth News Tribune reports. The “Fill the Boot” campaign is a traditional tie in to the Labor Day telethon. On Monday, the City Council in Duluth will be asked to approve the use of on-duty firefighters. Not everyone is happy about the idea:

Duluth City Councilor Jim Stauber said he still has questions about the appropriateness of making special allowances for firefighters to participate in the “Fill the Boot” campaign.

“Are we going to have hard feelings from other employee units, such as the police union or AFSCME, if they can’t do the same?” Stauber asked.

Stauber also questioned the decision to give preferential treatment to one particular charity above other worthy causes.

“I think the MDA is a great organization. But we’d be using public tax dollars to pay firefighters to be out there fundraising. Do taxpayers want to support another cause instead?” he asked.

3) It was only a matter of time before professional wrestling became an issue in this year’s campaign cycle. Today’s the day. The New York Times looks at the Connecticut Senate campaign of Linda McMahon, the wife of Vince McMahon, who built the WWE empire. She says her role in the professional wrestling organization gave her the experience the country needs to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Really. Finally, a vision to make our country great again.

It’s political quiz time. How much do you really know about political issues? Take the quiz.

4) The cap on the oil well in the Gulf is still holding.

The continuing disaster is a lesson on how we are connected to one other, economically anyway. Consider, for example, the oyster:

5) Remember that video I posted of a Twin Cities woman skydiving in Wisconsin a few days ago? (It’s OK if you didn’t because the Internet can magically transport you there). There’s a whole different story from one of her colleagues, it turns out. A few minutes earlier, a colleague also went skydiving… into the middle of a storm.

Listen to the number of invocations of “interesting,” used in just the way Minnesotans intend it to be used:

Madeline Koch Natalie Wires writes (at the link above) some very profound insight that you often read in reports about aviation accidents:

People with more experience than I had concerns about us jumping and I continue to wonder why nobody spoke up and questioned if this was the best idea. I had concerns, but chalked it up to normal nerves and kept my mouth shut. Groupthink can be a very powerful and dangerous concept and in the future, I hope I will trust my gut.

(h/t: David Erickson)

Bonus: What does caffeine really do to your brain? (h/t: Elliot deBruyn)

Breaking: MPR’s Jon Gordon drops his Android in favor of the iPhone 4. He lists his reasons why, because the first step in addressing a problem is admitting you’ve got one.


Minnesota’s unemployment rate fell to 6.8 percent in June, well below the national level of 9.5 percent. How is the economic recovery going for you?


I have to travel to the enchanted village of St. Cloud today. My pal Eric Ringham will be your host through most of the day.

Midmorning (9-11 a.m.) – First hour: The Gulf oil spill: Will the lessons learned be lost?

Second hour: Following a spike in sales,Twin Cities housing sales have slumped after one deadline for the Obama housing credit expired. Midmorning tells you how to make the most of the home you have or the one you just purchased.

Midday (11 a.m. – 1 p.m.) – First hour: A discussion of Gov. Pawlenty’s presidential ambitions.

Second hour: David Brooks of the New York Times, speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Science Friday (1-3 p.m.) – First hour: A look back at the original “Hackers,” the pioneers that brought computers to the masses. Plus, fibers that can hear and transmit sound.

Second hour: A talk with new National Cancer Institute director Harold Varmus about the politics of science. Plus, a shrinking proton and the hacked emails of climate scientists.

All Things Considered (3-6:30 p.m.) – Duluth officials are expecting a big crowd for this weekend’s air show. MPR’s Bob Kelleher will preview the event.

Midway through Target Field’s inaugural season, how are nearby businesses doing? Brandt Williams has the answer.

  • Wrestling as a pre-req for higher office.

    Hmm, Gov. Ventura anyone? 😉

  • BJ

    Pew result – Here’s Your Score: You correctly answered 9 out of the 11 possible questions, which means you did better on the quiz than 79% of the general public.

    The 2 I got wrong.

    how deep is the water where the leaking well is located


    national unemployment rate

    I think I read about state unemployment rate and thought it was national this week.

  • Bonnie

    The PEW quiz is a cake walk…its the NEWSCUT quizzes that are humiliating!

  • JackU

    It’s obvious that the Pew quiz is not designed by Bob. 😉 Results: 12 out of 12.

    As far as the rest of #3 is concerned, once again we are to believe that running a business is in and of itself preparation for being a legislator at the federal level. Ms. McMahon may or may not have the skills to be a legislator. But most of those skills aren’t the same as those needed to run an entertainment business.