Emmer giving up on minimum wage issue?

It appears that Tom Emmer’s gubernatorial campaign is giving up on the minimum wage controversy, after it inexplicably kept it alive over the last week, even after it clearly was damaging the Republican politically.

Today, David Strom, one of his advisers, posted this on Twitter, as captured by @mrwtweets:

Screenshot of hastily deleted @DavidStrom tweets re: Emmer se... on Twitpic

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“We know this is a problem. Today is the last day. Over. Done. No mas. Just help us stay on message. Courage and willingness to listen.” Strom wrote.

It’s not clear if Emmer’s willingness to listen to his advisers is what caused him to be a political pinata for the last week.

The tweet was deleted after a few minutes.

11:10 a.m. – AP’s Brian Bakst reports the Strom post was not for public consumption and says an Emmer spokesman said Strom does not speak for the Emmer campaign.

  • ray stawski

    it isn’t over

    he said what was a huge political mistake ,now he wants to take it back or re track or call a mis statement all are wrong .

    where does he stand the people or the money

    because he said it and if he could he would have helld on .

    but does it include bartenders ,hairdressers ,barbers ,nail salons,taxi cab drivers ,resort personnel, shoe shine people ,cooks , busboy’s ect. all who make tips for a well performed jobs

    how about we put ceo,s and stock market personnel in the group 2 bucks an hour plus tips if they make real money after a person cash’s out .

    Just not when it goes up and they dump “the old pump and dump rule”

    now emmer want’s to retract his statement

    oh woe is me when his trick up the sleeve didn’t work . poor me emmer stand by your statement .

    his trick should be held til after the election and then some . ,it is called buying money instead of buying votes which both is wrong ray stawski becker mn ps may be he was thinking of lady’s of the evening who might make a 100k a year

  • POOT77

    I’m not a Republican, but I wouldn’t vote for the idiot who obviously isn’t cut out to govern any more than Tim Pawlenty is, even if I was a Republican.