Dereliction of media duty

The White House Press Corps — appropriately — has complained that President Barack Obama hasn’t faced the media and taken questions very often. With his first comments since BP plugged — sort of — the leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and with all the pent-up curiosity that the reporters must have, we sat up straight this morning when the president said “I’ll take a couple of questions” after his Rose Garden statement.

Take a deep breath and scroll to 2:10.

The reporter who asked the ridiculous question was somebody named Paula Cruickshank who works for something named CCH News. She didn’t get a chance to follow up on his answer.

  • Bonnie

    Did the video get pulled? If its the CCH I’m thinking of, I’m guessing they may have.

  • Bonnie

    never mind…on a different computer now, saw the video…

  • Mike

    This is only one example of the WH press corps asking ridiculous questions when there are serious issues at stake. The writer could list a weekly compilation of “Dereliction of media duty” posts, it is a target rich environment.

    The WH press corps is a captive, isolated lot focusing on trivial issues. The scorn they receive is self inflicted.