What’s the Story Here? The bench

Long-time News Cut reader Derek Schille has the latest contribution to the summer photo series.


Long-time News Cut reader Derek Schille has the latest contribution to the summer photo series, “What’s the Story Here?

Says Derek:

First the obvious NO SMOKING 3 feet from a butt bin, but also what is going on with the pipe running around said butt bin? I’m sure it’s just water but it would be extra hilarious/terrifying if it were a gas line (Bob notes: That’s exactly what it is). I snapped this on my walk in to Back to the Fifties.

  • vjacobsen

    Got the story:

    The smoking outpost came first. However, once someone realized it was tucked behind gas lines, they decided a warning to all potential smokers would be needed. They got a “No Smoking” sign, but had no place to put it. Brought in bench, attached sign– and there you go!

  • Bob Collins

    *I’ve* got the story.

    This butt bin was actually there before the natural gas pipeline. But because the contractor didn’t have the necessary permits to move the butt bin (they’re like wetlands, you see), he/she built the pipeline around it.

    So people are actually allowed to smoke here but a passerby didn’t like that. She was, however, from Minnesota, and didn’t want to actually say to anyone, “hey would you mind not blowing that smoke in my face.” Instead she’d say something like, “good morning,” which failed to yield the desired result, oddly enough.

    In the garden of a nearby hospital, she spied this bench with the “no smoking” sign. So she dragged it the 2.5 (actually 2.65, but I’m rounding down) miles to the smoking stand and dropped it there.

    This morning, she passed the spot and reports she is delighted that nobody was out there smoking and she didn’t have any second-hand smoke wafting into her nasal passages.

    Only the faint aroma of natural gas.

    (Now, there’s one other possibility. Look at the butt bin and the gas pipeline again. Those crazy kids are in love!)